Dr. John Rajcic’s  ballot statement…  

Life is like a coin you can spend it anyway you choose but you can only spend it once. Students must learn to think critically and choose wisely.

High expectations must be the standard for all students. We must be aware of conformity; conformity leads to mediocrity; mediocrity leads to regression to the mean and therein lies the abyss.

Student interest trumps test scores. Student and staff safety is an ever-present priority.

I have done many things in my lifetime, but I am basically a teacher. Educators say, I “have an abundance of wisdom and a great deal of independence and commitment”.

Experience: VP/GM Kawai America Corporation, Deputy Superintendent Irvine, Certified Chief School Business Official, Teacher, College Lecturer, Salesman. Assistant Chief of Staff 6th Army.  I have served on several boards in the private and public sector; including the Ramona School Board & Estates Board.

Education: BA -University of Minnesota, MS- University of Southern California and a PhD from the Claremont Graduate University. I also graduated from the U.S Army Command and General Staff College-Fort Leavenworth KS and the U.S Army War College-Carlisle PA.

My personal philosophy is anchored in optimism. 

I will follow the Golden Rule…  www.jrajcic.com