“John has the crucial and enviable combination of proven leadership in the business world and direct knowledge of what makes a school district great…Dr. Rajcic would be a great Board Member”.
John Dean, Superintendent, Orange County Department of Education.

“John is divergent rather than a convergent thinker. This kind of approach to problems….generates more solutions pound for pound than standing in line to say yes…John is a problem solver…” Jackson Parham,Attorney and Colleague ,Irvine Unified School District.

“John Rajcic worked hard to establish a very successful company for Kawai in America..”. S. Kawai, Chairman, Kawai Musical Instrument Manufacturing Co.

“John Rajcic is a people person with a big heart and dedication to fairness…” .Barry Arnaut, Kawai Regional Manager”.

“John has strong convictions but readily listens to contrary views….faith and family are important to John”. Stan Randall, Neighbor.

“John Rajcic’s wisdom and understanding taught us to make do in life with what God gave us..he would say, ‘You can do it, life is not a hundred yard dash’…I graduated from high school and run a successful business because of John Rajcic my teacher…”.Carlos Gallegos

“La sabiduría y la comprensión de John Rajcic nos enseña a hacer hacer en la vida con lo que Dios nos dio …, solía decir,” Usted puede hacerlo, la vida no es una carrera de cien yardas ‘… Me gradué de la escuela debido a mi John Rajcic maestro … “.Carlos Gallegos.    carlosllegos@att.net

“…I hold no one, short of my father in higher regard than John Rajcic, better known to me as Papa…at the last Music Trade Show , I attended with Papa, countless people made a special effort to tell me that my Grandfather was the reason they are successful today…” .Grandson, John Rajcic III

“…Colonel Rajcic has been outstanding in his mobilization role a Assistant Chief of Staff…he is a highly motivated officer with uncommonly good judgment and is success oriented…he is an achiever and respected professional committed to the highest standards of excellence…”. Robert S. Young, General, Chief of Staff 6th Army

“…John has been away from Irvine for many years but he left a legacy that many people speak of to this day…John is an honest and just individual…Dr. Rajcic would make a great school board member”. Carmen Perry, President, Irvine Teacher Association.

“…Working with John the City and School District brought on line parks that became a model, for other cities…”. Paul Brady , Mayor City of Irvine.

“…John was one of the first executives hired by the Irvine School District…based on what he accomplished at Irvine, he would be an asset on the school board…”.Ray Watson, President/CEO Irvine Company.

“I have known Dr. John Rajcic for many years and over that span of time I have been continually amazed at the enthusiasm, dedication and keen sense of currency he brings to each task he undertakes. He excelled in each. He brings his superb intellect, high energy and human compassion to any task at hand. He is truly a gifted individual who is fearless in the face of challenges and is always a steady hand capable of thinking big creative solutions to pressing problems. Dr. Rajcic is arguably the most vibrant problem solver I have ever met, divergent, yet practical. John is truly one of a kind.”
Gordon Bishop, Superintendent, Oceanside, CA/President New School of Architecture.

“For the record, my entire Cabinet and I fully agree that you are one of the most intelligent and most experienced Board Members in recent history.  Each of us find ourselves in agreement with you on a great many issues. ” Robert Graeff, Superintendent Ramona Unified School District.