Humility and a sense of humor have served me admirably, in addition ,I surrounded myself with smart people that argued with me.
It is time for some people to step aside and allow others to have an opportunity to determine the policy and direction that guides the Management of the Estates. My experience as it relates to the Estates includes hands on involvement in many aspects of the hospitality industry. I have taught accounting and have extensive experience in budgeting and fund accounting . The Estates does not exist for the employees as important as they are ,the employees exist to serve the community. Golf, equestrian activities and recreation programs are enjoyed by many and enhance property values. We must remember the silent majority not involved in those activities. I will not support an increase in home owner fees.
MY PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY is anchored in optimism. I believe in collaboration, but in being provocative at times. “If everyone thinks alike ,someone is not thinking”! I believe in individual responsibility, limited government and maximum freedom. I do not avoid , repress or deny conflict, but rather sees it as an opportunity. Management should be “lite”, just enough to get the job done. The Estates  is too bureaucratized .Supervisors and the General Manager(GM) should all be “hands-on”. The GM should be in his office infrequently.
EXPERIENCE incl.udes, Vice/President and General Manager , Kawai America Corporation, a world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of pianos and other musical instruments. I was a teacher,business manager and Deputy Superintendent of the Irvine Unified School District . In that same time-frame, I worked part-time as a college lecturer and instructor. I have written countless commentaries and articles on education and “politics”. My family was in the restaurant business for decades and I managed a grocery store. I am considered a “good” cook and read a couple of books a month along with magazines and the WSJ. I was responsible for dealer meetings and trade shows in Chicago,Atlanta, LA and Anaheim…assisted in Frankfurt and Japan…on several music related boards.
EDUCATION. I earned a Bachelors Degree from the UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, a Masters Degree at the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA and my PhD from the CLAREMONT GRADUATE UNIVERSITY. I am also a graduate of the Army War College , Carlisle, Pennsylvania and The Army Command and General Staff College , Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. My brother tells me that I… “would be rich if I did not spend so much time in school”. I thank God, that I am rich in so many ways.
WHAT OTHERS HAVE TO SAY ABOUT JOHN RAJCIC ...“John is a divergent rather than a convergent thinker… John is a problem solver…” Jackson Parham,Attorney and Colleague ,Irvine Unified School District.
Colonel Rajcic… is a highly motivated officer with uncommonly good judgment …he is an achiever and respected professional committed to the highest standards of excellence…”. Robert S. Young, General, Chief of Staff 6th Army.
…Working with John ,the City and School District brought on line parks that became a model, for other cities…”. Paul Brady , Mayor City of Irvine.
…based on what he accomplished at Irvine, he would be an asset on …any board…”. Ray Watson, President/CEO Irvine Company.
“For the record, my entire Cabinet and I fully agree that you are one of the most intelligent and most experienced Board Members in recent history”. Robert Graeff, Superintendent Ramona Unified School District.for what others have to say go to www.Jrajcic.com