John Rajcic
I am continually asked , “Why did you run for the Ramona Unified School District Board.” I am naive enough to think I can influence policy and make a difference. Some of my general philosophy and beliefs are herein . I was asked what my dreams are for the Ramona Unified School District (RUSD). Education is the progressive discovery of our own ignorance. The age factor means nothing to me.I’m old enough to know my limitations and I’m young enough to exceed those limitations.
I learn something everyday .A lot of times it’s what I learned the day before was wrong. Education is prerequisite for an individual’s well being and the harmonious functioning of a society. What you know better you will do better. My campaign promise was to stress the importance of education, oversight, follow the money and hold the administration accountable. This is the least I can do. In industry ,the competition keeps you accountable. In education , The students are definitely accountable, they are tested and graded. I know great
teachers that are accountable to themselves. They say , “if my students fail, I failed”.ESEA portends to hold teachers and schools accountable. The principals seems to be a focal point of accountability . They do not have tenure in the position or a written contract. When the subject of school comes up,people will invariably say, “ who is the Principal ?” I believe the Principal is the most accountable administrator. The Principal is the most visible and seems to be continually judged, by the school community, Board and central staff. The Superintendent has a contract and is subject to the whims of the School Board. Who else? To say someone is accountable , one has to pay a price for being continually wrong or performing badly. The bureaucratic era in education , the high school assembly line , is slowly coming to a close. Today there is hardly a teaching task that can’t be accomplished in a multitude of ways. Everything we nailed down is coming apart. No one can be forced to do it our way, there are too many options. Technology and the internet have created a “new ball game”. Digital learning must be more fully grasped. I am beginning to re-think education and placing the emphasis on learning rather than the important art of teaching . The Public School has and continues to play a major role in making America , America. Some one asked about my Dreams for the RUSD.
MY DREAM is to make a positive-significant contribution to the education and life of ONE CHILD, whomever she or he may be; to provide resources so Principals and Teachers can be all they can be in their roles as educators ; to embrace technology/digital learning ; to have less authoritarian, more productive- board meetings, I do not think God intended Board
meetings to be perfunctory ; do more with less and of course repeal the California Education Code . Policies that are dormant should remain dormant . The source of those policies is a couple of mouse clicks away. Other policies, like student health and safety should be discussed and upgraded as often as we salute the flag at a Board meeting. Rules are not sacred, principles are. Honesty is the best policy. The real threat in accomplishment of objectives is not in deliberate deceit but in the subconscious desire to substantiate one’s previously committed position. School community conflict should be regarded as a healthy stimulus for required change.I believe that if one finds themselves constantly in the majority .. It is time to reform. YOU ARE BECOMING A VICTIM OF GROUP THINK. I BELIEVE YOU DO NOT GET HARMONY IF EVERYONE SINGS THE SAME NOTE.
We have to crunch and get rid of much of this goal setting and making mission statements, that are enacte and then ignored.
THE ROLE OF THE SCHOOL IS TO EDUCATE AND TRAIN YOUNG PEOPLE TO FUNCTION IN A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY.. What more need be said. Science teachers, teach children science; math teachers math; music teachers music… We do not tell an orthopedic surgeon how to do her job. She may ask the hospital for the latest equipment. We should not tell auto shop teachers how to teach auto mechanics, they could tell us and our curriculum administrator how.! We employ curriculum experts that take 1000 words to say what can be said in 50 words.
Maybe those resources would be better spent with department heads at the school ,who are close to the action and who would assume more direct responsibility for improving education. Mendacious and hypocritical people bug me. Today in education too many administrators are hanging around merely to jack up their retirement check. Above all. I believe ,EVERY KID
DESERVES A GREAT SCHOOL. “PUBLIC OPINION IS EVERYTHING, WITH PUBLIC SENTIMENT NOTHING CAN FAIL, WITHOUT IT NOTHING CAN SUCCEED”(a.l) not even a badly needed bond measure. IT IS IN MY DNA TO ZIG WHEN OTHERS ARE ZAGGING AND ZAG WHEN THEY ARE ZIGGING. Why is it we can not pass a bond issue and everyone around us can and has better schools or will have better schools? The excuses and reasons for failure were not present during our last Bond failures.Is it a function of leadership or the water we drink? Some people say that our town is more interested in not cutting down an unsafe, dirty eucalyptus tree than they are in our schools. This is not the case. Are we not a learning organization? We need a serious after action report on why bond measures fail in our district. Possibly we should go for a mere 25 million to pay our long term debt (Certificate of Participation.). Sell abandoned school sites, other schools and undeveloped property the district has To modernize our schools. Declining enrollment will continue. It is conceivable that great schools would cause an increase in enrollment. .
It may not appear so but my personal philosophy is anchored in optimism. I believe , even though our ideas may clash , the Board will develop interpersonal relationships (with me too) and the ability to act together for a common goal. It is axiomatic that great schools make a great community . Houses in neighborhoods with good schools sell first ! I BELIEVE I AM A TEAM PLAYER, I PLAY HARD, I PLAY TO WIN and I PLAY BETWEEN THE LINES.
May GOD Bless us all and show us the way…
Deputy Superintendent Irvine . I was employed one year before the district was organized and instrumental in laying the foundation for one of the best school districts in the Country….I was a high school teacher and college instructor. I taught accounting, school finance and history among other subjects. I’m a Certified School Business Official.
Vice President/General Manager of the Kawai America Corporation. A world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of Pianos and other musical instruments. .Director of the Keyboard Finance Corporation . Assistant Chief of Staff 6th Army.
BA-University of Minnesota. MS-University of Southern California.
PhD-Claremont University.
Graduate of the Command and General Staff College, Ft. Leavenworth, KS. & the Army War College, Carlisle Barracks , PA.
I will not alienate but unite . The past 17 years the Rajcics have quietly been involved in many community functions, activities and organizations . Integrity is of primary importance to me.