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DR. JOHN RAJCIC(Ragic like magic)……
My personal philosophy is anchored in optimism. High expectations must be the standard for all STUDENTS. . Life is like a coin you can spend it anyway you choose but you can only spend it once . Students must think critically and choose wisely. Buildings and equipment, as important as they may be, are not the constants that make the significant difference, it is the TEACHER. Students find their interests in a variety of subjects , including, the arts, sports and “shops”. Student interest trumps test scores. The CLASSIFIED STAFF is important to a well managed school. Schools must be a safe and healthy learning environment. The PRINCIPAL’S  leadership is critical in maintaining  a school culture that is conducive to learning.
EXPERIENCE-Deputy Superintendent- Irvine . Teacher. College lecturer. Business Manager. VP/GM- Kawai America Corporation. A world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of pianos and other musical instruments. Assistant Chief of Staff 6th Army.
EDUCATION- BA- U of Minnesota. MS-University of Southern,California. PhD-Claremont Graduate University. Graduate –Army Command and General Staff College, Ft. Leavenworth, KS. & The Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, PA.
“ For the record, my entire Cabinet and I fully agree that you [Rajcic] are one of the most intelligent and most experienced Board Members in recent history…”Dr. Robert Graeff, Superintendent Ramona. Go to Jrajcic.com for other endorsements plus. .
INTEGRITY                                EXPERIENCE                                           QUALIFIED