I am pleased to endorse Dr. John Rajcic.
Dr. Rajcic served as my Deputy Superintendent …..John revealed himself to be fiscal leader , management authority and an educational statesman and in general was a key player in making it possible to build a great school district in a very short time.
Dr. Rajcic is a man of keen intellect and tenacity and has a unique ability to move, to accomplish in days and weeks projects that would take others months and years to accomplish.
Technically John has done it all. There is no area of school …administration in which he is not fully experienced and competent. I marvel at what was accomplished during the period of our association. Anyone that is fortunate enough to obtain his services will be well and loyally served.

Stan Corey
Irvine Unified School District

…..I have known Dr. John Rajcic for many years and over that span of time I have been continually amazed at the enthusiasm, dedication and keen sense of currency he brings to each task he undertakes I have been known him as a Business Manager, Associate Superintendent, and Corporate CEO. He excelled in each .Dr. Rajcic brings his superb intellect , high energy and human compassion to any task at hand. In my 50 years in education I have only known a handful of folks with John’s potential to make positive change. He is truly a gifted individual who is fearless in the face of challenges and is always a steady hand capable of thinking big creative solutions to pressing problems. I would say Dr. Rajcic is arguably the Most vibrant problem solver I have ever met. Divergent, yet practical. John is truly one of a kind.

Gordon Bishop
Superintendent, Oceanside, California
Associate Professor United States University
President New School of Architecture